Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

My favorite time of the year is on it’s way and the festivities truly kick off on Thanksgiving! These last couple years I’ve felt inspired to contribute to Thanksgiving (and to fabulous friendsgivings) with some fun recipes and this year will be no different. I’m not a full-on chef, but I’ve encountered many easy recipes for the perfect Thanksgiving sides and snacks. Here’s some of my top recipes:

1. Cranberry Pecan Mini Goat Cheese Balls. If you know me, you know I am a cheese FIEND. These mini cheese balls are perfect to pop in your mouth and experience a load of flavor. Pro tip- I added bacon crumbles to mine on a whim and it was the best decision I ever made!

Cranberry Pecan Mini Goat Cheese Balls! Holiday entertaining has never been easier or more delicious! So easy to make and gorgeous too! Perfect for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's! (Can be made in advance!) // Mom On Timeout
Credit to: Mom On Time Out

2. Cranberry Brie Bites. Yes, a second recipe with cranberry. Because I love how festive it is but hate cranberry sauce, I think I compensate for it in my sides and apps! And these are sooo good. They’re happiness in a mini pastry (yum!).

3. Fall Harvest Honeycrisp Apple and Kale Salad. So I haven’t made this one myself, but my aunt made it a few years ago and I absolutely LOVE this fall salad. I’m a sucker for pomegranates, and the combination of everything in this salad makes it light and flavorful. It’s perfect for the beginning of a Thanksgiving meal.

4. Roasted Garlic Parmesan Cauliflower. In college I got really into cauliflower and made myself these cauliflower bites just for fun! The warmth and homey-ness of this side makes it perfect to serve up next to your turkey this holiday season.

5. Parmesan Roasted Carrot Fries. These are another side/snack I’d make from time to time in my college apartment. They’re super tasty and TBH, the fact that they’re all rustic-looking and orange just makes them feel fall-appropriate to me (hahaha)!

Parmesan Roasted Carrot Fries
Credit to: Closet Cooking

6. Stuffed Acorn Squash with Hazelnuts, Quinoa, and Kale. My boyfriend and I recently cooked a HelloFresh meal that was basically the exact same thing except it used butternut squash. This recipe has coincidentally been pinned on my Food and Drink board for quite some time so I’m happy to be able to say I (kind of sort of) finally tried it… and LOVED it;) Fair warning, this one DOES have a tad more going into it than the other recipes, but it’s well worth it, I promise!

7. Twice Baked Potato Casserole. I’m surprised this is the only potato-related dish I have on here, if I’m being honest! But seriously, if you’re going to shy away from your average mashed potato dish this Thanksgiving, a twice baked potato casserole is the way to go. This loaded dish is tasty x10. Like the squash this side is a little more involved, but definitely has an amazing payoff!

A close up image of a wooden spoon filled twice baked potato casserole in a casserole dish.
Credit to: The Cozy Cook

And last but not least…

8. Caramel Apple Bark. I leave the pie-baking to the experts in favor for this super sweet treat. Bark candy is just sooo good and this caramel apple one is perfect for an after-dinner snack! Covid tip: your friends would definitely appreciate getting this dropped off to them in lieu of a normal Friendsgiving;)

I hope these spark some inspiration for your Thanksgiving dinner! Let me know if you’ve ever tried these recipes, or if you have any favorites you think I should add to my list!

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